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Instructional Books and Videos

Baseball Direct brings you an comprehensive selection of instructional books, video and software that you can use to improve your performance as a player or a coach. The more you know and the more you do, the more you'll enjoy the game.

With more than 40 products to choose among, we've organized this page by general skills. In each section, you'll find books and videos focused on specific areas of the game. Some books may cover more than one topic, and these will be grouped according to their main focus. Some items are parts of sets. Please see the Collections section for an overview of each.

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Hitting & Baserunning

 Hitting Fundamentals

Hitting Fundamentals

Find out what University of Tennessee Vols know about hitting with head coach Rod Delmonico. This video covers all aspects of the stance, stride and the swing. Also includes seven drills to build stronger hitting skills. Good for players and coaches alike.
#1746 $39.95
Sale Price: $19.95
(Save 50%)

Hitting Drills & Techniques

This video provides creative hitting drills and techniques for the youth player, compiled by Coach Marty Schupak during his long youth baseball coaching career. Also includes instruction on the grip, the batting stance, weight transfer, the stride, bunting, and more. Hitting expert Bobby Woods provides additional advice.
#1654 $24.95

 Baseball the Ripken Way: Hitting

Baseball the Ripken Way: Hitting

Bill Ripken and Cal Ripken Jr. have developed a method of baseball instruction based on their combined 33 years of big league experience and the teachings of their father, Cal Ripken Sr. An essential instructional tool for coaches, parents and youth baseball players, the video breaks down hitting mechanics and includes drills.
51 mins.
#1407 $19.95
Sale Price: $9.95
(Save 50%)

Youth League Baseball—Batting & Baserunning

Dozens of drills to help players learn the fundamentals. Learn foot position, weight transfer, bat angles, stance and bunting. Tips on baserunning include how to round the bases and sliding techniques.
40 mins.
#1465 $34.95

Aggressive Baserunning Fundamentals

University of Tennessee baseball coach Rod Delmonico helps you gain a winning edge by being aggressive on the basepaths. The DVD reviews how and why aggressive baserunning puts pressure on the defense. The key principles and techniques involved in running the bases effectively are also detailed.
61 min.
#1637 $39.95
Sale Price: $19.95
(Save 50%)

VHS version available in Bargain Dugout

The Hitting Edge, by Tom Robson

This book simplifies the task of hitting by focusing on key features in every successful hitter's swing: dynamic balance, sequential rotation, axis of rotation, and bat lag. Robson identified these hitting "absolutes" through extensive video analysis and research as well as his role as a major league hitting coach.
Paperback. 175 pages.
#876 $17.95

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There are no titles currently in "Pitching"

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Infield Team Play & Strategies

Fundamental techniques for infield team play for youth players. Coach Marty Schupak has compiled some of his most successful infield strategies along with the techniques that parents and youth coaches should teach their players. This video covers: defending the steal, bunt situations, wild throw backups, pickoffs, rundowns, communication techniques, and more.
#2124 $24.95

Fielding Drills & Techniques

Marty Schupak, who has over 20 years of coaching experience, provides creative fielding drills and important defensive tactics for youth baseball players. This video covers ground balls, backing up, fly balls, communication, teamwork, common fielding mistakes and more.

#1761 $24.95

 Baseball the Ripken Way: Defense

Baseball the Ripken Way: Defense

Individual and team fundamentals with Bill Ripken and Cal Ripken Jr. Includes drills to help players improve defensively. Based on the Ripken brothers' 33 years of MLB experience and the teachings of their father, Cal Ripken Sr.
62 mins.
#1409 $19.95
Sale Price: $9.95
(Save 50%)

Drills & Techniques for Catchers

Compiled by Marty Schupak from youth coaches who specialize in working with catchers, this video covers blocking techniques, agility drills, throwing techniques, set-up and positioning, framing, and snap throws. Also includes equipment overview and fun games.

#1655 $24.95

Play Ball! Basic Fielding

Rex Hudler teaches Little Leaguers everything from choosing the right glove to proper body position for fielding, footwork, and throwing. Includes practice drills.
40 mins.
#1214 $19.95

Catchers Workout

Tips to gain your teammates' confidence through skill development and perfection of technique. Learn to become a better receiver, leader, and hired "gun". Learn converting the close pitch, blocking technique, stance, options on throwing technique, how to freeze pitches, and much more.
#1200 $34.95

First Base Workout

Learn the defensive skills to become your league's best first baseman! Perfect your skills with 10 specialty drills including throwing and catching technique, holding runners on base, cut off responsibility, pick off plays, and many more.

#1265 $34.95

Outfielders Workout

Learn how to react to any ball hit. Did you know that 75% of all outfield play is executed below the waist? This video introduces seldom covered footwork drills for becoming an outstanding outfielder, as well as how to develop arm strengh, fly ball and ground ball technique, and much more.

#1399 $34.95 DVD

Second Base Workout

Do you know the four ways to begin the double play? How about the three ways to finish the double play? Middle infield defense is the cornerstone of any defense. Learn the techniques required to be an outstanding second baseman. How to make the dive play, the backhand, the Texas leaguer, flip plays, and many more.

#1266 $34.95

Shortstop Workout

This video will help you acquire the technique and skill to become the "Heart and Soul" of the infield. Learn the three ways to begin the double play, two techniques to end the double play, decoying runners, handling short hops, leadership in the field, and much more.
#1201 $34.95


Third Base Workout

Do you have what it takes to play the "Hot Corner"? Learn skills for becoming an outstanding third baseman. Areas covered include six essential skills for third base, bunt responsibilities, cut-off responsibilities, fielding fundamentals, and much more.

#1267 $34.95 DVD

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