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Baseball Videos

Videos from Baseball Direct bring back the memories of your favorite games, allow you to travel back through the history of the game, and entertain you with the best baseball has to offer. We work hard to bring you the best selective of videos and movies about baseball.

We've organized our selection of DVD's into four categories.

World Series
Rare Films
Summer of 1950
MLB's Most Memorable Moments DVD

From 1943 to the present, these videos highlight the best of every series.

Classic footage from the past, skillfully converted to video .

Baseball goes to Hollywood. We've got an All Star lineup for you.

Everything else. Baseball at its best, oddest, and most entertaining. From documentaries to rock videos about baseball.

We hope you find something exciting in our offerings. We frequently add new titles, so check in frequently. Unless otherwise noted, all programs are NTSC video.

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Baseball Videos
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